Teachers for healthy kids was developed by children’s health advocates and the california teachers association to address the correlation between student health and learning outcomes; healthy children are better learners. In partnerships with state, local teachers associations, and school districts, we work to educate and empower teachers and other youth workers to promote the health of children. Paramount to any child’s health is having access to quality and affordable care. This is why THK developed our school based outreach project which works to promote awareness of affordable coverage options for children and their parents and connects parents to someone who can help with the enrollment process. Recently THK partnered with Sacramento city unified school district, Mendocino county office of education and the California school board association with CHIPRA grant funding to develop a comprehensive method of increasing and retaining enrollment in no or low cost insurance plans. Past projects have included promotion of classroom environmental health standards, physical activity and nutrition. Explore the sidebar to learn more about our projects.