In 2008, The California Endowment funded an expansion of Teachers for Healthy Kids to create Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds– a project that About_HBHMaddresses the link between learning and physical education, physical activity, and nutrition. The purpose of this project is to educate CTA members and staff about these issues, provide information about easy to implement classroom and school site activities, and promote policies that support optimal nutrition and physical activity options at both the state and local levels.

The Healthy Bodies, Healthy Mindsproject engages with partner organizations in order to comprehensively address issues around nutrition, physical education, and physical activity. For additional information and resources, please contact our partners.HBHM_Partners

Founding Partners

California Teachers Association - visit website
The California Endowment - visit website

Program Partners
Project LEAN (Leaders Encouraging Activity and Nutrition) - visit website
California Department of Public Health - visit website
California School Boards Association - visit website
California Association for Healthy, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance - visit website
California Task Force on Youth and Workplace Wellness - visit website
Dairy Council of California - visit website