District Wellness Policies

Strong, fully implemented Wellness Policies have the power to impact nutrition and physical activity choices and student health during school HBHM_District_Wellnessyears and into adulthood.  All teachers can have an opportunity to get involved with their district’s Wellness Policy and help ensure its successful implementation.
What Is a School Wellness Policy?

In 2004, the federal government passed the Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act, which requires that every district have a Wellness Policy if has a school breakfast and lunch program.  The Wellness Policies should establish the following:

  • Goals for nutrition education
  • Nutrition guidelines for all foods at schools
  • Goals for physical activity

While most districts are required to have Wellness Policies, very few teachers and teachers associations are aware of their existence or involved with policy implementation.  The Healthy Bodies, Healthy Minds project encourages CTA members and staff to become more aware of the language and the implementation of their district Wellness Policy.
How to Get Involved

California Project LEAN has created resources for individuals interested in getting involved with their local Wellness Policy.  This can include partnering with community and parent organizationsWe encourage you to take advantage of their useful resources.