Many organizations have created programs that successfully address nutrition, physical activity, and physical education. Below is a list of some of these organizations and the services they provide.

Breakfast in the Classroom

Breakfast in the Classroom is an easy way to ensure that all students are served a healthy breakfast every school day. As part of the regularly school day and taking about only ten to fifteen minutes, students are able to eat a healthy breakfast while learning about health or bonding with their classmates.

For more information on this program, please view this short video. You can also get more information from their website.

Recess before Lunch

Typically when recess follows lunch, students try to eat their lunch as quickly as possible so that they can then go out to play for recess. Students often do not eat their entire meal and arrive back in the classroom late or rambunctious. By having recess before lunch, students waste less, eat more, and behave better.

Learn more about changing your school or district’s lunch and recess policy by reading this information.

Dairy Council of California Curriculum

The Dairy Council of California has developed classroom curriculum for students grades kindergarten through high school. Their programs cover healthy eating and fitness with a lot flexibility to meet different lifestyles. The curriculum programs are free to all California teachers, come with teacher and student workbooks, and are aligned with language arts, math, and health standards.

To learn more about the curriculum or place an order, visit their website. They also have developed resources for adults and parents. Learn more about their Meals Matter program.

In addition to their curriculum and web and print resources, the Dairy Council has representatives in regions throughout the state who are able to provide educational trainings for teachers, parents, and other community members. For contact information for your representative, click here.

USDA’s Team Nutrition

The USDA has developed Team Nutrition in order to support the health and nutritional needs of children. They can provide resources and education for schools and communities. Team Nutrition has also put together school success stories to serve as examples of what you can do in your school.

To get more information on how your school can join Team Nutrition, click here.

California Project LEAN

California Project LEAN (Leaders Encouraging Activity and Nutrition) is a joint project of the California Department of Public Health and the Public Health Institute. Project LEAN’s goal is to increase healthy eating and physical activity among youth. Project LEAN has been working on these issues since 1989 and have developed many valuable resources for community members, parents, and youth.

Please learn more about this organization and take advantage of their resources.

Fit for Learning

The Santa Clara County of Education developed the fit for learning program to provide teachers with materials and resources that can help them address nutrition and physical education in the classroom through curriculum and activities. While the program is aimed at children in Santa Clara County, their resources and information are available for anyone to download off their website.

Learn more about these program offerings by visiting their website.


Health-e-App is the official State of California secured online application for health care for California residents. You can use Health-e-App to apply for health coverage through Medi-Cal for Families or the Healthy Families Program (HFP).

Learn more about these program offerings by visiting their website.